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Hi there! I’m Bron, a degree qualified, PROMPT trained, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with over 10 years experience. I designed AccentU with a focus on supporting Australian adults and children to access professional accent reduction and pronunciation lessons offered in Canberra and online, in a fun and relaxed style!

What we do

All of our training and therapy solutions are based on an individual assessment to help you learn how to pronounce English clearly and confidently as quickly as possible. We provide the following services:

  • Accent reduction/modification lessons for overseas-born university students and professionals such as; engineers, international medical graduates (doctors), accountants, educators, sales and IT people.
  • English pronunciation lessons for adults and children with unclear speech e.g. lisps, speech motor disorders (childhood apraxia of speech) etc.
Services for children

Our experienced Speech Pathologists also provide online and Canberra based articulation and phonology therapy services for children. Our goal is to help your child learn to produce clear speech so they can speak and be heard, develop strong relationships with their peers and excel at school and work. To learn more please see our children’s services by clicking here.

We thrive on your success

Our sessions are fun, and we get results! We love seeing our clients achieve their career goals and hearing about all the compliments they receive each week. We help you set communication goals and work together step by step, to teach you the skills to achieve these. Would you like more information? Click here to request an information pack including prices and availability. Wondering how online speech therapy works? Click here to book an online consultation with me to find out if this could work for you.