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I’m Bron, a degree qualified, PROMPT trained, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with 10+ years experience. I designed AccentU with a focus on supporting;  professionals born in the Asia-Pacific and Australian born adults and children 8 years + who want to improve their pronunciation of English. I offer accent reduction and pronunciation lessons in person and online, in a fun and relaxed style!

Our practise is built on the principles of honesty, excellence, equality and kindness.

Do you ever wonder?

  • How strong/thick is my accent?
  • Would I benefit from accent reduction and how much does it cost?
  • How can I improve my English pronunciation?
  • Where can I learn the Australian accent?
  • Can people understand me?

We can help you

  • Speak English with clarity and confidence
  • Maximise your potential at work and reach your career goals
  • Talk fluently on the phone, without misunderstandings
  • Speak and present to groups with ease
  • Enjoy talking with friends without always repeating yourself!

How strong is your accent?

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Our family

This is me with my little family enjoying a visit to a local winery. My husband and two girls are bilingual Italian/English so my journey to learning a second language continues!


This is our pony Piccolo, he came from an animal rescue organisation in 2015 who saved him from becoming dog meat! Piccolo enjoys cuddles, carrots and being as lazy as possible!


This is our Samoyed Totti who we adopted as he was an unwanted pet. He enjoys playing with the girls and being chased around, but hates being brushed!

About me

I am an Australian trained Speech Pathologist, graduating in 2007. I become interested in working with professional migrants at University when I did a placement at an adult English conversation class where I had the opportunity to meet many amazing people from all over the world and work with them.

During this time at University I spent time living in Italy studying several subjects towards my degree. This was an incredible experience to learn the challenges and joys of learning a second language as an adult and is certainly something I apply to my practise now.

Once back in Australia I went on to work with children and adolescents before going on to complete my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and working a second job teaching adults at the Canberra Institute of Technology for many years.

I started my private practise AccentU because I love helping people achieve their goals and I am passionate about equality. I really enjoy learning about my clients’ languages and cultures during training sessions. My fundamental values are of respect and equality, these are central to my practise today.

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